A Guide to SLT Job Applications

I wrote this blog because only after having done a few applications did I realise some painfully obvious things that I should have been doing from the start. Hopefully it can prevent you from making the same mistakes. The blog will talk about these things: Visiting a School The Application Personal Statement Interview Questions Interview…More


How can we assess knowledge?

Before we can discuss how to assess knowledge, we must first define what knowledge is. With regards to teaching, I believe in a rather simplistic dichotomy of knowledge: substantive and disciplinary. Substantive knowledge is the knowledge produced by any specific academic subject. It is therefore sometimes referred to as ‘content’ knowledge. It is the knowledge…More

What is the first thing a new school leader should seek to do?

What is the first thing a new school leader should do? I believe it is to reduce workload. By ‘new leader’, I mean someone who has taken on a leadership role in their current school or somebody who has joined a new school as a leader. My thinking for this being the place to start…More

Assessment in primary foundation subjects

It is readily apparent from discussions on primary Edutwitter that our profession believes there is no single, correct way to assess in the foundation subjects. This presumably stems from a multitude of reasons, but I believe that, principally, it is because every school curriculum is unique and context-specific, which makes any form of universal assessment…More

What are the most pressing challenges in primary assessment right now?

Measuring the gap between disadvantaged children and their peers It is likely disadvantaged children accessed less work than their peers during home learning due to a lack of access to electronic devices, among other things. Consequently, these students are less likely to have completed formative and summative assessments during this time. Without this information available,…More

Notes on ‘Expert Teachers’

Notes from a week’s reading It is hard to define an ‘expert teacher’ because there is an interplay between what we do naturally (talent) and what we acquire through experience over time (deliberate practice). This interplay travels some distance in explaining why the definitions of an expert teacher seem to change constantly (Rich, 1993). While the…More

Leadership – how do we turn a vision into reality?

Traditionally, school leadership was equated almost exclusively with the role of the headteacher. However, the days where leadership simply performed administrative and management duties are long gone. The emergence of different leadership models has led to widespread institutional change, moving away from a singular figure to a more distributed influence model. Distributed leadership is synonymous…More

A Framework for Assessing Curriculum Intent

A Framework for Assessing Curriculum Intent In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift towards curriculum intent and what it entails. However, there hasn’t been much discussion about how we can assess the efficacy of our curricula intent. This blog is intended to be a framework through which you can assess your subject curriculum.…More

The Crocodile Mouth Inequality Symbol Debate

Admittedly, before writing this, I think I was quite unmovable in my view on this topic, but writing about it has changed my opinion. I had never thought about it this deeply before. It was something that had always worked, so why question it? I didn’t change my view until right near the end of…More

Deep Dive – Science

My school had a mock science deep dive with an OFSTED inspector (I know, you are preaching to the choir if you disagree with this practice). Nevertheless, I thought some use should come out of it and I would share what they asked of us and the children. A lot of this is what you…More