FREE maths resources to help prepare for Y6 SATs

This blogpost is to share the great free maths resources that I use to help children prepare for the SATs that you may not be aware of.

PDF booklets split into each maths topic and by content domain (which appears at the top of the file). It also comes with answers that explain the methods needed to solve!


Mr S has created an editable arithmetic test that is up-to-date with the 2018 format. When you download it, it has the 2018 questions but you can change them very easily like any other word document.


This one is brand new – made by @filtered_k on Twitter.  It is broken down by topic and year group and each has a hyperlink to a question from the SATs to answer.


Great for quick practice here and there. Can be done each day and comes with answers too!


  • Old SATs questions TES – Search ‘Govinder TES’ on Google

In three separate downloads, you can download all the old maths questions from the old curriculum. They are grouped into topic and always useful to show alongside more current examples.


Gary has broken each year group down into curriculum objectives. When you click on one, it takes you to a page full of maths resources linked to that objective.


  • White Rose – old and new – google ‘White Rose resources’ and search for them on TES

The holy grail. Very popular around the country. The older files are still useful, however, the new ones come with a more detailed commentary as well as answers. Broken down into fluency, reasoning and problem solving questions to ensure children are challenged across all areas.


These are superb to send home so that children can practise and revise over Easter. They are differentiated 3 ways and also come with answers. The idea being that child do them for 10 minutes every day for 10 days.



Find me @_mrmorgs if you have any questions.


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