NB: This is a work in progress.

This page will display links to blogposts written by those working in education about their opinions, findings and experiences. Often, we spend hours writing these blogposts for them to be lost in a dastardly Twitterfeed algorithm, so this is a page where hopefully you can find a blog on the topic you want to know more about. Blogs will all be posted under the topic they discuss. If you have any blogs to add, please contact me on Twitter and I will try to update the list regularly. To make things easier, subtopics have been grouped with the topic they fall under – e.g. marking blogs have all been put under the feedback heading. I will look to tidy up formatting and areas covered in the future.


Guided Reading:


Whole Class Reading:

Whole-class reading: a planning tool

Whole-class reading: an example lesson and a menu of approaches

Whole-class reading: another example lesson


Engagement with Reading:


Reading for Pleasure:

Reading for pleasure: a different kind of rigour.

Questions to ask pupils when reading, based on Michael Rosen’s ‘matrix’ of comments

Infernal Inference

How to deepen understanding of reading by teaching children how to enjoy it better.

Milling around in bewilderment: that reading comprehension.

View at

View at

View at

Book lists and recommendations:








#FiveWays of Giving Effective Feedback as Actions


SATs Analysis:


Reducing/managing workload:


NQT Advice:


Teaching for recall, retrieval and long-term memory:

Memory not memories – teaching for long term learning


Knowledge organisers:

The highs and lows of knowledge organisers: an end of year report



Eat your data raw!

Going data naked



What’s all the fuss about a knowledge-rich curriculum? part one

In praise of a prosaic curriculum

The 3D curriculum that promotes remembering


Cognitive Load:

Cognitive load: a case study


Use of visuals in teaching:


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